Inti | Peruvian-Inspired Dining Experience

Peruvian-Inspired Dining Experience

Led by Design, Finished by Flavour


INTI transports guests to a Peruvian-inspired dining experience combined with Japanese flavours, where the senses are taken on a voyage of discovery by culinary creativity and audacious design alike. Seafood is the star of the menu including original & non-traditional ceviches. With exclusive access via elevator, Inti provides a Latin sanctuary from the buzzing city streets below, offering an essence of wonder with each and every encounter.

Inti, meaning “Sun”, is one of the most commonly used words in Quechua. The Incas worshipped the sun and therefore, you will see this word among many old temples and ruins. Inti has a strong connection to the Incan cultural heritage and identity because they believe the sun god to be their ancestor.

Designed by the visionary talent of Lázaro Rosa Violán, the restaurant boasts stylish signature panels, a multi-layered seating arrangement both indoor and outdoor, highlighting the theatricality at the heart of contemporary dining complimented with Peruvian beats. With unrivalled views of Downtown Dubai’s impressive skyline, INTI takes Peruvian artistic influences to new heights.

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